LivingPackets High Technology serves an Instant & Worldwide Delivery

Time to go back in time. It has been some crazy months and our R&D team has been working hard since. We wanted to share with you our progress, our issues, and our skills, of course. A serious bunch of people believes in our project and share our vision. That’s why we want to be transparent with you.
Beware, crystal clear report follows.
The LivingPackets mass production launch is scheduled this summer with an ramp up expected in early 2018. We launched this week the final prototypes and the first production tools. Here is an overview of the changes brought to the LivingPackets since the first prototypes received in March '16. These upgrades had two major objectives:
  1. Ergonomics and user’s global experience
  2. Production cost optimization

Step 1: Design & Ergonomics

Our team firstly worked on the development of  the Large LivingPacket. Then, once ready, we switched to the Medium one (messenger). We took some time to think, understand and learn what Voyagers would need and prefer to travel with LivingPackets. We were particularly attentive to the well being of users and paid a close attention to our community comfort.  We are convinced that this size will be the most used.
Magnetic lock, zippers and sound alarm have been re-thinked in order to improve ergonomy, implementation and global system understanding.

Step 2: cost reduction, production flexibility

In order to meet the cost objectives, the production price had to be divided by 2 compared to the first version. Therefore, a real and essential job had to be done on the material and labor costs but also on the assembly time and the reliability of the product and the process.
Well, let's go back to work. We cannot wait to see a myriad of LivingPackets out there, in the streets, station halls, airports. We will keep you informed of our progress. Feel free to contact us directly if you want to know more about the LivingPackets' technology. You can also visit our website to learn more about our CrowdSharing campaign.
See you fellows,