The LivingPackets Profit-Sharing Model: the Arising of a Capital Revolution

LivingPackets has invented a new Profit-Sharing Model which could reduce the gap between rich and poor, worldwide and forever. At LivingPackets, we share our profits with all the people who contribute to our success –as opposed to Shareholders in traditional companies who invest only once and get rewarded all their life, thus increasing this gap.

We hope that many great “New Economy” companies, like Uber (65B), Facebook, (350B) AirBnB (35B), etc. will follow our example, and will share their wealth with the people who made them successful, with their work, their Data, their apartment or their car.

“Those who contribute the most, should get the most!”

With LivingPackets, we also have completely re-invented the concept of Express Delivery. We use the natural flows of millions of people travelling every day all over the world in order to make Instant Delivery possible.

Our fast, safe, affordable and ecological Instant Delivery Service combines high-tech LivingPackets and a solid community composed of millions of people acting as Sharing Angels, Voyagers, Guardians and Customers.

“LivingPackets is the combination of a smart technology and a solid community”

We intend to make the international Express Delivery affordable for everybody: faster, safer, cheaper and with less CO2 than any others. Unlike any others so called “new economy companies”, we share our profits with the LivingPackets community, which helped us being successful.

To learn more about our Profit-Sharing Model, please visit us on: Join us and spread the word.