Sharing Economy Weekly News #1

Everyday, we keep an eye on the world and on the latest news that impact our business, and ultimately our life. There are constant and ongoing changes and our industry is moving fast, and so we feel that it's important to share with you the highlights of the industry every week. 

Blockchain is bringing the sharing economy to everyone
Lower costs, greater trust and transparency with the community, blockchains simplify transactions at a global scale by making them near-instantaneous. From compjuter sharing to ride-sharing have a look at the latest trends.

Online shops planning 'same day returns' service in time for Christmas
In B2C, C decides…Online shops are on the move to make same day deliveries and returns to improve customer satisfaction and decrease return turnaround cost

WTM 2017: Sharing economy and package market can coexist, says Tui boss
The sharing economy in the travel sector can operate alongside the traditional package market.

April Rinne, World Economic Forum: How we adapt to the sharing economy will determine our success and well-being
An interesting synopsis on what defines success for businesses based on the sharing economy, according to Young Global Leader at the Microsoft Summit, WEF 2017: own no inventory, build a community, build a new market, bring it to a global audience.

Trust in the sharing economy
Building trust is a key element of success for any businesses operating in the sharing economy arena. How can they build trust throguh their digital paltform?

Global ecommerce trends: Personalised cross-device strategies win today’s mobile-first shopper
Retailers have to adopt omnichannel strategies to meet shoppers' expectations to receive a personalised shopping experience at the precise moment an interaction is relevant, as more than 50% online transactions are done on mobiles and apps