Sharing Economy Weekly News #3

Everyday, we keep an eye on the world and on the latest news that impact our business, and ultimately our life. There are constant and ongoing changes and our industry is moving fast, and so we feel that it's important to share with you the highlights of the industry every week. 

➡️  The Sharing Economy Plays a Big Role in Conserving Resources
Across-the-board appeal, close to zero-cost, eco-friendly and sheer variety, the sharing economy is taking the world by storm, and there is no turning back.

➡️  What Blockchain Means for the Sharing Economy

Blockchain allows exchange of value in a secure and decentralised manner. It also makes the transactions within the shared economy more transparent, showing each person's contribution to the shared economy of those who are part of it. It also removes the need of a third party to facilitate the interaction in a centralised way, where users/members can interact with each other directly. Blockchain creates an opportunity for cooperativism, making the world becoming a true sharing or collaborative economy.

Why hotels need startups more than ever

What triggers the need for startup innovation in this sector is the rise of millennial travelers, who are tech-savvy and tend to spend more time checking hotel ratings, feedback and recommendations before making any booking decision. How startups disrupt the hospitality industry

Sharing Economy UK #Budget2017

The UK is a world leader in the sharing economy and yesterday’s Budget statement from the Chancellor introduced the world’s first ‘sharing economy tax allowance’ is being introduced. The current £7 billion-a-year industry is forecast to be worth £140bn-a-year by 2025

Sharing economy takes to the skies matching passengers with eager pilots

How to bring the concept of the sharing economy to the skies in a new flight sharing adventure